One-Stop Solution — Integrate, Enrich and Publish Data

A Product Information Management and eCommerce publishing solution that Integrates data from existing applications and back-end systems, enables you to enrich data and lets you publish to multiple channels.

Centralised Data Management

Consolidate and manage your product data within a centralised data repository — a single source of truth for your product information.

Low Cost, Low Risk and Cloud-Based

Avoid the expense of additional hardware, software licensing or IT resources. Everything managed in the cloud — including updates — so you can redirect resources toward key business goals.

Assisting Organisations to Sell Online

CommerceConnect integrates with a number of eCommerce platforms such as Magento, eBay, Westfield, Google Shopping and various affiliates for e.g. Commission Factory, BuyDesire, Barilliance, Hawk Search and more.

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